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Chainsaw Sharpening

We professionally sharpen all types of petrol and electric chain saws. Our sharpening services sharpen all brands of chain saws.We not only sharpen the chain teeth but also file the depth-gauge to assure correct cutting.

If you are a Contractor, Landscaper, Handyman, Tree Trimmer, or just cutting Firewood, for the season, let us help you save money by re-sharpening your chainsaw chains. Your saw chains that are dull, and will not cut anymore can be re-sharpened and conditioned 1-3 times, for less than half the cost of replacing the saw chain each time you dull one.

Do you usually just replace your dull saw chains? If so, your more than likely paying £30.00 or more for a new chain each time you replace your dull chains!

Why replace it when you can have it professionally sharpened and machine ground back to the cutting ability, of a new saw chain at over a 60% cash savings each time you sharpen them.

We can usually turn your dull saw chains into clean, sharp conditioned chains ready for use the same day you drop them off, or 1 day service time.